St. Charles Hills subdivision, St. Charles, MO

Contacting the Trustees

The Trustees of St. Charles Hills subdivision handle issues related to the subdivision Indentures, which can be downloaded from this web site, and about the governance of our subdivision. Do not expect the Trustees to do work that is not within this scope! Do not contact the Trustees when an appropriate government agency exists to handle your complaint.

The List of Contacts page on this web site lists government agencies that you can contact if this is a complaint or a problem. (If you contact one of these agencies and get no response, then contact the Trustees.)

All of the information requested below is required, or your message will not be sent. The Trustees will make no more than 2 attempts to contact you, and if you are not available or do not respond, they will discontinue their attempts. The subdivision telephone number is (636) 724-7221. The mailing address is P.O. Box 1296, St. Charles, MO, 63302.

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