St. Charles Hills subdivision, St. Charles, MO

St. Charles Hills Trivia Answers

How well do you know the subdivision of St. Charles Hills in which you live?

Note: Some of our streets have houses on them that are a part of another subdivision. The questions refer to residences/houses with St. Charles Hills addresses.

List of streets:

  1. Abbey Street
  2. Ainsworth Court
  3. Bolton Street
  4. Bedford Lane
  5. Camden Street (only 4 residences)
  6. Catesby Lane
  7. Chancery Lane
  8. Denton Lane
  9. Eddington Lane (only 6 residences)
  10. Edgeworth Lane
  11. Ehlmann Road
  12. Embleton Lane
  13. Essex Street
  14. Fleet Lane
  15. Golfway Street
  16. Greenwich Lane
  17. Highgate Lane
  18. Ipswich Lane
  19. Janton Lane
  20. Kelsey Court
  21. Kelsey Lane
  22. Lyme Court (only 4 residences)
  23. Lyme Street
  24. Maldon Lane
  25. Nantwich Lane
  26. Orton Street
  27. Penbrooke Lane
  28. Quenley Street
  29. Radnor Street
  30. St. Alban Drive
  31. St. Camella Lane
  32. St Babette Lane
  33. St. Daphne Drive
  34. Sherborn Lane
  35. Thames Avenue (only 2 residences)
  36. York Drive (only 2 residences)
  37. Zumbehl Road

As of June 2018 there is no more Regent Drive. That small section of street is now an extension of Sawyer Blvd., which goes from West Clay and through Mark Twain and St. Andrews subdivisions.     Copyright © St. Charles Hills subdivision
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